Holly Smith

Mortgage Associate

I believe that buying your house should be a fun and exciting experience. It’s because of this that I will always go the extra mile for my clients. I want to be the person I wished I had when I bought my home. There are so many different options for mortgages and I strongly feel its important to find the best option that suits you and your lifestyle.

When I first started leaning about mortgages, I discovered I was mistreated in my own mortgage. There were so many more efficient options out there for me. When I inquired about different options I was told it would be too costly for me and that I shouldn’t worry about doing that (It turns out that there are some lazy people in the mortgage industry, who knew?). Now that I work in mortgages I realized that I went down the wrong path. I wished I had somebody who cared enough to tell me what I could do with all the different types of mortgage’s. I want to be that person for my clients. I don’t ever want somebody to be lead down the wrong path like I was.

Languages Spoken: English

Current Mortgage Rates

Term Rate
Prime Rate (P) 3.70%
Closed Variable P – 1.00%
Open Variable P + 0.80%
6 Month Closed 4.75%
1 Year Closed 3.14%
2 Year Closed 3.29%
3 Year Closed 3.49%
4 Year Closed 3.59%
5 Year Closed 3.29%
7 Year Closed 3.59%
10 Year Closed 4.49%
As of September 20, 2018. Rates subject to change without notice, OAC, E&OE