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You have just purchased your dream home, rental / vacation property or refinanced your mortgage. These are significant life changes and affect your overall financial plan. You need to ensure that the mortgage is properly protected with homeowner mortgage creditor insurance. Mortgage protection will pay off the outstanding balance of your mortgage so that your family won’t have to use savings, insurance proceeds or investments and will provide peace of mind when you have a disability that your mortgage payments (to a max dollar amount) will still be made. With a mortgage consultant you know that you are dealing with individuals who are concerned about your financial health.

When discussing your home financing needs, don’t forget to speak with your Mortgage Consultant about mortgage creditor insurance. Protect your family, your new home and your future.


Current Mortgage Rates

Term Rate
Prime Rate (P) 7.20%
Closed Variable P – 0.90%
Open Variable P + 3.2%
6 Month Closed 7.29%
1 Year Closed 7.24%
2 Year Closed 6.84%
3 Year Closed 6.19%
4 Year Closed 5.74%
5 Year Closed 5.59%
7 Year Closed 5.95%
10 Year Closed 6.29%
As of August 26, 2023. Rates subject to change without notice, OAC, E&OE
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