Revenue Property

Second Homes, vacation or investment properties used to be reserved for a small segment of the population. With new options and programs now available from a variety of lenders, this dream can now be a reality for everyone.

Mortgage Consultant will be your personal financing expert with revenue property investment.

Current Mortgage Rates

Term Rate
Prime Rate (P) 3.95%
Closed Variable P – 1.00%
Open Variable P + 0.80%
6 Month Closed 3.75%
1 Year Closed 3.54%
2 Year Closed 3.09%
3 Year Closed 2.84%
4 Year Closed 2.99%
5 Year Closed 2.59%
7 Year Closed 3.42%
10 Year Closed 3.59%
As of September 4, 2019. Rates subject to change without notice, OAC, E&OE